Mission Statement of the American Pro Se Association

The American Pro Se Association’s Mission statement

There was a newspaper for the APSA for a long period of time and the following is an excerpt from this:

  • The APSA (American Pro Se Assoc.) exists to enable people, who are able of using computers in order to perform many of the same types of legal leg work which are perfunctory in nature and analogous to pumping ones own gas at the gas pump. This enables them to save money on lawyer billed hours in a manner that their legal issues may become affordable where they otherwise might not be in a position to pay the reasonable legal defense costs. This puts them in a position where they are not doomed to lose legal battles through order of default alone or simply as a result of the lack of money needed to defend competently against lawsuits criminal or civil in nature.
  • In order too raise the quality of life of the pro se papers which can then further go on in providing additional legal aid to help the courts of justice better handle the carrying out of legal justice.
  • Enlighten the mind of the public through alternate and significantly less expensive options for resolving disputes via methods such as mediation and arbitration in a fair setting.
  • In order to help attorneys provide support to clients and persons that would otherwise not be within the reach of this lawyer to provide help. These people would otherwise not be in a position of affording legal defense, except when they are under the watchful guidance of a lawyer and in the situation of economic distress is placed in a position necessitating a pro bono method of legal defense which must be rationed to such a deep level that efficient, economic means become available through pro se legal aid.
  • In order to consult and confer, and collaborate with court personnel in a way that assignment of court justices and judges along with other legal judicial personnel  may improve and supplement the orderly administration of equitable justice as well as correcting any unfair legal practices which are discovered to be found creeping into the annals of the judiciary system.
  • In order to operate on the basis of no pay and provided that the American Pro Se Executive, founding, and other assigned officers operate on a volunteer basis in order to insure the caliber of true legal dedication that raises constituents instead of simply carrying forth the pursuit of financial gain.
  • In order to engage all necessary activities which are related to the efforts of justice in furthering peaceful, equitable, affordable, and just legal resolutions for disagreements and disputes through the legal protection of peoples’ liberties and in conjunction with the United States Bill of Rights.


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