Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions for Personal Injury Claims

Everyday thousands of personal injury cases are instigated in countries across the world. Working in the personal injury sector means that a common pattern starts to emerge in common questions which are asked by those considering initiating a personal injury claim against a person or company. Here are our top ten frequently asked questions by people considering this course of action.

Am I eligible to start a personal injury lawsuit?
The idea of eligibility comes primarily down to one factor; liability. This means that if you’ve suffered in anyway and it was someone else’s fault, they are liable for any damages sustained. If you suffered in any way from someone else’s negligent actions then a personal injury claim can be made with a good chance of success.

How long does it take to complete the average personal injury case?
Due to so many personal injury cases being launched every day, the bureaucracy in the legal system surrounding these matters has been streamlined considerably. For this reason some cases can take as little as 6 to 8 weeks if completed in out of court settlements. The average amount of time is around 12-16 weeks but some more complex cases can take longer.

How much time will starting a personal injury case take out of my day?
Similarly to the above, the legal process has been streamlined to require the minimal amount of input on behalf of the claimant. The majority of cases are worked towards being settled out of court so the majority of the time, very little effort is needed at all. More complex cases however, may require more time on your part.

How much money can I expect from my case if I win?
The complexity of the case comes into play once more for this question. However, there are two more dominant factors in play. The first is what percentage of liability which can be placed on the offending party. I.e. if an accident was partially your fault, less compensation could be expected. Second is that of severity. A sprain to the wrist would be considered less serious than a multiple fracture to the arm, for example.

Is there something ethically wrong with starting a personal injury lawsuit?
The short answer to this is, no. However, this is providing that the other person is genuinely at fault for your suffering and that you did genuinely suffer as a result of incident.

Where will my compensation money come from?
In the vast majority of personal injury cases, the money will be paid by the insurance company rather than the individual. This is particularly true in workplace accident claims and car accident compensation claims. Very rarely does individual have to pay out for personal injury claim.

What can I claim personal injury money for?
Any form of damages which you have suffered from can be claimed for. For example, this includes but is not limited to, loss of earnings due to being off work because of the personal injury, psychological damages, emotional stress or damage to property. Anything you have lost as a result of the incident can be won back.

Why use a claims management company?
Many countries have claims specialist and they act as a filter in order to find you the best possible professional for the job. Any legal professional might take on your case, even if they don’t necessarily specialise in personal injury. Claims management companies are free and will make sure you get put in touch with somebody with an excellent record of this type of case. Not all countries have them, but use one if they do.

How do I get started on my personal injury case?
The vast majority of personal injury claim specialists or personal injury lawyers and attorneys will offer a free initial consultation. Find one that specialises in this field, check that they are regulated by the appropriate country’s regulatory body and give them a call.


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