Role of Insurance Companies in Injury Lawsuits

Insurance companies play an active role in personal injury lawsuits, mainly because most people carry insurance to cover damages in the event of an accident or other incident resulting in injury. Insurance companies promise to defend policyholders when someone brings a claim against them.

When injury attorneys pursue lawsuits

When unable to obtain adequate compensation in a claim, an injury lawyer can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party on your behalf to seek damages through litigation.

Take an auto accident, for example. The West Virginia Compulsory Insurance Law requires all West Virginia drivers to meet mandatory insurance requirements. In West Virginia, injured parties in a car accident may sue other drivers to recover the full extent of damages for their injuries. In a trial, your attorney would be up against the insurance company’s counsel and each side would present its evidence to win over the jury for a favorable verdict. Settlement negotiations are still possible at any time during the trial, and in fact most cases settle before going to verdict.

Dealing with insurance companies

When filing a claim for damages, your first contact is usually the insurance adjuster working for the insurance company. In most claims, the insurance adjuster asks about the accident or incident, arranges for a damage estimate, and at some point provides a settlement offer on behalf of the insurance company.

If your claim involves serious injury or damages, it is wise to use personal injury lawyers in West Virginia for representation. The reason is that while insurance adjusters and other company representatives may be friendly and helpful, the insurance company’s interests are their priority. Insurance companies guard their bottom lines and set goals for paying the least amount of money possible when settling claims. However, an experienced personal injury lawyer has your best interests in mind, and that usually means obtaining the largest settlement possible on your behalf. Being left with unpaid medical bills or hardship due to lost wages when the other party was responsible for your injury is simply not fair.

To get answers to questions about West Virginia personal injury law or for representation in an injury case, contact an experienced personal injury law firm.


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