Personal Injury Victim to Launch Lawsuit

Near Fatal Los Angeles Car Accident Leaves Man in Unstable, Serious Condition

One man recently suffered incredible personal injuries described as near fatal with reference to a car wreck which involved several cars. Two individuals and the aforementioned man suffered injuries. The car was moving towards Sunset drive near the end of June in the city of Los Angeles. Initial news reports from CBS described how a potentially lethal high speed near Los Angeles Chinatown brought the unfortunate scenario. Following the initial crash, the offending car spun at high speeds on the ground and in the air, hitting a second vehicle, sending the second vehicle into its own spinning, crash course. Additionally, the second vehicle hit a pedestrian who was waiting for a bus, standing nearby. The injured driver was rushed via ambulance to the hospital, having conditions described as critical by medical professionals at the scene.

Serious Personal Injuries Sustained

Because of the seriousness of the driver’s injuries, the driver remained in the hospital for 5 days, having suffered a broken collarbone, 3 cracked ribs, a skull fracture, as well as damage of organs internally. Personal injury lawyers, commenting on the story, remarked that it is clear that a very strong injury lawsuit toward the insurance company and the actual offending driver would likely be a strong option for the injured man. An apparent legal investigation regarding the veracity of personal injury claims is underway. Sources close to the case have revealed that such lawsuits with injuries of a similar nature to the injuries sustained in this car crash have generally resulted in injury settlements into mid-six digits (i.e. $400-600,000 personal injury settlements.) for injuries sustained.

Authorities Investigating Cause, Reckless Driving Suspected

At this point in the investigation, authorities continue to investigate the crash as well as its causes. Though not completely clear are the facts of the case regarding alcohol. These types of causes tend to be central to accidents of this type. The accident has recently occurred in the wake of horribly lethal accident statistics released by the California State Patrol’s Integrated Records System. The recent statistics show some 227 fatalities along with over 25,000 injuries to drivers and passengers due to car accidents in Los Angeles.

Road Safety Liability – City Attorney’s Office of Los Angeles Braces for Lawsuit

A thorough city investigation has been launched regarding the state of road safety in Los Angeles. This is being launched along with measures to prevent such accidents wherever possible in the future. Traffic experts and injury lawyers in Los Angeles have recently made huge moves into lawsuits against government groups as a result of traffic personal injuries. Hence, the field experts are pushing the importance of making safety changes to the Los Angeles road systems. Those accident victims who have sustained injuries from car accidents are being advised first and foremost to to obtain medical help and if necessary to work with legal professionals in order to affirm their rights to financial settlements from personal injury. Most Los Angeles personal injury attorneys specializing in car accident injuries offer potential clients free consultations.


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