Personal Injury News – Toddler in Pit bull Attack

A girl who is just six years old has suffered serious personal injuries after she was attacked by a pit bull dog in an apartment while visiting family friends with her parents. According to a recently published San Diego news report, the child and her older sister were both visiting the apartment on Oceanside in an evening towards the end of last month when the personal injuries were sustained. The local paper’s news report told the story of how the two young girls were left alone with both a pit bull and a German shepherd by their father while he went outside to fetch some groceries from the car. Their vehicle was parked just across the street on the evening the incident happened.

When the two adults returned to the apartment, they were met with the horrific scene of the  pit bull attacking the elder of the two girls. Despite quick action on the part of the father to separate them immediately, it was too late to avoid the devastating personal injuries which had been sustained by their little girl. It’s strongly suspected at this stage that the pit bull which attacked the little girl will be euthanized and it’s possible that the father of the two children could face criminal charges. At this stage however, the investigation is currently pending.

This personal injury by dog attack news story is the second of a pair of such serious incidents in San Diego over the past few weeks. The previous story also involved a pit bull terrier. A young child was also involved in the personal injury case where the animal mauled on a young baby who sadly received serious injuries and scarring in the attack. In the wake of the attacks, an educational awareness program is currently being put together by the San Diego Humane Society in order to educate people of the often-ferocious nature of these animals.

It’s common for personal injuries to be sustained to the head in instances where dog attacks happen on children and, it’s children which are involved in these instances more often than not. For this reason, they often prove fatal and wrongful death lawsuits are commonly launched against the owners of the animals. Fortunately in this case, it appears that both of the girls will at least survive through the experience. The authorities often recommend in such circumstances that if you’ve suffered personal injury in a dog attack to report the incident. In many cases, injuries go unreported and attacks which happen subsequently can claims lives.


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