Personal Injury Basics

There has lately been much stress regarding: ‘no win no fee’ within the legal industry but also among other areas. Many brand those who seek judgement for injuries as being a part of the entitlement society; however, world and national leaders continue this warpath on the personal injury portion of the legal industry comes on the heal of rising financial figures for claims. Some of the most common symptoms cited in personal injury claims are whiplash, back problems, and neck injuries from traffic accidents. These have been blamed for increased premiums. This all in spite of information indicating less overall traffic accidents on roadways.

Do personal injury lawyers require money up front? Most personal injury attorneys are willing to accept cases on a contingency basis. This means that if the attorney does not win a financial settlement for its client, they do not collect any fees for their legal services. Lawyers take these personal injury cases based on the potential to win a settlement. But if they don’t win the personal injury claim they don’t charge or collect any money from the claimant. Additionally, it has been determined through much research that overall settlement amounts are on average exceedingly higher than with insurance claims where no attorney is involved for the plaintiff.

Personal injury law has often taken on a negative connotation, but attorneys continue to fight for their clients and maintain ethics to a high caliber in order to obtain justice for their clients. The danger in abolishing any kind of contingency based fee arrangement for lawyers is that many people without adequate money to hire a lawyer would not receive competent legal representation in the face of insurance companies low balling claimants on the financial amounts of their claims.

That said, it’s important that anyone interested in obtaining a personal injury lawyer consult with a handful of personal injury lawyers in order to find the best representation possible. Often times there is a huge different between levels of experienced personal injury lawyers and those lawyers just starting out in the legal profession. Although any competent lawyer has the potential to obtain a settlement, getting a lawyer with solid experience will make a big difference in the financial amount of any claim received.


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