Medical Negligence Claims Can Help You Through a Difficult Time

Coping with an illness is one of the most difficult things a person can have to face up to, and any problems with the treatment can only multiply the stress and anxiety you’ll be feeling. When you visit a hospital, GP or clinic for a course of treatment, or even a one off visit, you’re placing your good health and general well being in the hands of trained professionals, and the hope is that you can rely upon them one hundred per cent. Most of the time, fortunately, this is indeed the case. The medical staff of Britain, on the whole, are dedicated and highly motivated people who use their years of training and experience to provide the highest possible levels of care for their patient. However, they are only human and, occasionally, mistakes can get made. At times like these it’s reassuring to know that you may be in a position to make a medical negligence claim.

Medical negligence claims can be pursued if the patient feels that the standard of care or the level of attention which was delivered to them has dropped below that which they might reasonably have expected. Often, where medical negligence claims are concerned, the patient may, at first, be unaware that anything has in fact gone wrong, with any pain and discomfort mistaken for the natural after effects of the treatment. In cases which lead to medical negligence claims, however, it becomes clear that the negligence of the medics involved has caused serious personal injury to the patient. Medical negligence claims can range from short term pain or discomfort to long term illness, disability or even, in the worst cases, a patient actually losing their life. The exact circumstances around cases of medical negligence could include any of the following:

A delay in providing the necessary treatment.

Unclean medical equipment.


Wrongly prescribed medication.

Medical negligence claims are amongst the most complicated compensation claims and require the help of a professional with experience of the field to help put the case together. For a case to be successful it has to be demonstrated that the poor treatment in question definitely constitutes negligence and that it has led to long term problems on the patient’s part. It’s irrelevant whether the treatment itself took place in an NHS hospital a private clinic or a dentist’s surgery, if mistakes have been made and you have suffered as a result, you have every right to seek compensation. Medical negligence claims cover compensation for any out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings, plus a sum based upon the part of your body which has been affected and the extent of the injury.

By: Becky B


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