Don’t Let An Accident At Work Be The End Of The Story

When you do a job of work, you give everything you can in return for both a decent wage and a feeling of job satisfaction. Alongside this, however, you are also entitled to expect a safe environment in which to work and, should you suffer an injury linke a head injury at work due to an accident which is caused by the negligence of others then you’ll doubtless feel you’ve been let down very badly. In circumstances such as these, the very least you can expect is the chance to put in a claim for head injury claims.

How To Claim Work Accident Compensation

To successfully claim work accident compensation you will have to provide evidence that the accident actually took place and has caused injury or illness. Such evidence can take the following forms:

•             Witness statements

•             Previous similar work accidents

•             Ambulance attendance at the scene

•             Doctors notes

•             An accident book

•             Employers logs

The next step will be for you, and the personal injury lawyer working on your behalf, to build a case  for work accident compensation showing that the injuries came about as a result of negligence on your employers’ part. Naturally, people sometimes hesitate to testify against their employer, but you should always bear in mind:

•             You are not working alone. A solicitor will be on hand throughout the process.

•             Employers are insured against losses resulting from your claim – the money won’t be coming directly from your employer.

•             One or two cases like yours might help employers to improve their health and safety, in an effort to avoid larger lawsuits in the future.

•             Current laws mean that employers who don’t compensate for workplace injuries or change their practices will face far stiffer penalties.

You may still be hesitant to start a work accident compensation claim against your employer, despite the laws which are in place, so it will be reassuring and useful to discuss the details of your case with a personal injury lawyer before starting any action.

Never forget that things have changed since workers were expected to accept poor conditions and dangerous practices. Injury and illness caused by the negligence of others is something nobody should just put up with. No matter how important it may seem,  no mere job  is more important than your quality of life and  good health.

By: Becky B


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