How Qui Tam Works – How Whistle Blower Lawsuits Receive Compensation

How Qui Tam Works

Qui tam cases explained – How do qui tam lawsuits work?

Qui tam cases fall into the civil code as lawsuits which have steadily turned into efficient and rewarding method for a whistleblower to assist the government in stopping several types of fraud – ranging from Medicaid and Medicare fraud to fraudulent defense contracts. Many other kinds of fraud drain the US Treasury of billions of taxpayer dollars. (Tax fraud and securities violations are dealt with in a different way.)

Qui tam lawsuits put a whistleblower in a position to be rewarded financially to outweigh the personal and professional risks they are exposed to when seeking to stop fraud waged against the government. Often this kind of fraud can put U.S. soldiers’ lives, patients’ lives, and other lives in danger. The Qui Tam law firm of Weaver & Associates Law Firm seeks millions of dollars in Qui Tam financial rewards for their whistleblower clients.

Qui Tam Cases Overview

As soon as a person has evidence that fraud occurred against the US government and then determines to report the fraud. They can do something about it in the form of blowing the whistle; at this point, it becomes necessary to hire a Qui tam whistleblower law firm for representation. This hiring decision is of utmost important because the work which this qui tam law firm performs will be paramount to your success in obtaining compensation from your qui tam case. Weaver & Associates Qui Tam Law plays a major factor to assure their whistleblower clients receive a financial reward and their representation is key to assuring that amount sought and obtained by the whistleblower is the highest amount to which they are legally entitled.

We want you to better understand how Weaver & Associates’ results for whistleblower clients. Our attention to our clients alongside our commitment that we persevere on their behalf can be reviewed in depth.

According to the US False Claims Act, citizens are allowed to sue a business or individual that defrauds the government. Private citizens can recover funds through this “qui tam lawsuit” on behalf of the government. Their qui tam suit is filed under anonymity known in the legal world as “under seal.” This keeps the identity of the whistleblower secret from all parties and from the public at large with only the government and the DOJ access to this information. This gives the Department of Justice and the government time for investigation of the fraud allegations. Specifically, the entity or person being investigated for fraud does not receive information about the whistleblower lawsuit. This qui tam case along with supporting documentation should provide detailed information to the government about the alleged fraud.

Government officials investigate the fraud allegations, and in some cases the law firm of Weaver & Associates works alongside the government in their investigation. The government then determines whether they will intervene or join the qui tam case. Because the government joins or intervenes only in only a small fraction of qui tam cases, it is important to have the strength of Weaver & Associates’ qui tam team in order to increase the likelihood that your lawsuit will be joined or intervened by the government. Although the whistleblower still has the option to pursue quit tam lawsuits without government intervention under the False Claims Act, success is much more likely when the lawsuit is joined by the government.