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  • What is a Common Law Marriage?

    A common-law marriage refers to an informal marriage by agreement. There has been no formal ceremony. A man and a woman have entered into an agreement  [...]

  • Understanding Divorce Proceedings

    Divorce Proceedings differ from one country to another and the length of time it takes depends on the nature and extent of the ancillary issues to be   [...]

  • Understanding How Divorce Law Works

    In the case where you are considering divorce, almost regardless of the reasons behind your decision, it is important that you be aware of just what i  [...]

  • When Do Child Support Payments Begin?

    After weeks, sometimes months of deliberating you make the decision to get divorced. Among the first thing you should do is hire an attorney, then fil  [...]

  • Explaining Child Support Modification

    When it comes to paying and receiving child support, they are subject to change and are not necessarily permanent. Whenever either party has experienc  [...]

  • What Are Your Child Custody Rights As A Father?

    Child custody rights usually favor mothers simply because they are perceived as better caretakers of their children than fathers. However, this belief  [...]

  • Tips For Helping Your Children Cope With Child Custody Battles

    Are you involved in a serious tug-of-war with your former spouse regarding the custody of your children? Child custody battles and arrangements can ha  [...]

  • Being Strong During Child Custody Case

    With all the problems that come along the way during a child custody case, it is oftentimes hard for a person to maintain a certain level of positive   [...]

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